Monday, February 13, 2017

Just Another Manic Monday

Looking back on Monday I can say my greatest success was the 99 cent socks I found at the Bargain Shop - with that being said there is no way these thin socks would be keeping my feet warm or free some blisters on any of my walks. So maybe it wasn't such a success at all?
Should the Salvation Army have been done their renovations I could have gotten a pair for 50 cents, and as they informed me over the phone, if it was an emergency they would have helped me get a pair this afternoon.

For those just joining my adventure today my challenge card read: Purchase a new pair of socks.

I worked late tonight and so I missed the dinner program. I settled for rice crackers with peanut butter and another pack of oatmeal. There is no room for variety or great flavour when you are living on such a fixed budget.

I have $1.06 left in my pocket and without seeing my challenge mates, or connecting with any sense of community over coffee or a meal today my personal bank account is feeling empty.

Tomorrow is a new day which will bring its own challenges (and our last challenge card!) I will be working out of town in a surrounding community for the day so I will need to pack lunch and snacks to last me.

This gave me my Monday smile:

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