Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 3 and It's Got To Be KD!

Sunday got off to a great start from the beginning; today's challenge card read: Someone was kind and gave you 5 boxes of Kraft Dinner. Purchase them without using your budget $. 
So I called up my fellow challenge mates and invited them over for a KD dinner party.

With the sun shining I headed down to Jubilee for the lunch program. With church service just ending the space was filled with parsons and families. It's hard to describe the energy or feeling that filled the room today, with children running around laughing, families sharing hugs and friends sharing smiles and greetings I found myself smiling as walked in. This was the third meal program I have attended and so I have begun to feel a sense of community as I am beginning to know the names of some of the patrons. Our group arrived together however, at one point I looked around and we were each sitting talking with someone we had never met before. It is clear that Pastor Frank and his congregation have so much pride in the welcoming warm environment they have created. There is no other words to describe this experience then a true sense of community. 

Leaving lunch Megan and I headed to the grocery store to make my big KD purchase. On our way there we walked by several groups of people who we have had meals with in the past few days, what once would have been a silent smile or a quick hello was now filled with big greetings, conversation, jokes and laughter. 

There have already been so many experiences in this challenge that I will hold with me as I move forward in my life. Building relationships with the people I had once been fearful or apprehensive to walk past, that today I shared laughter smiles and jokes with, will forever be a changed moment for me. 

With the trek from Keewatin being a bit too far for dinner plans as Casey speaks to in her blog, and Kirsi needing the night at home with family, it left Megan and I to share my KD dinner. This was a great end to the day as it was filled again with laugher and kindness. 

This challenge has been hard on my emotions and my spirit, though not for a moment do I forget how hard it is on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of the people I have had the honour of talking and eating with. 

Tomorrow in Monday which means back to work, and back to trying to navigate poverty and employment. 

Not our greatest photo, and definitely not focused but we had the giggles - who knew KD could make two girls so happy!

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